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Most Popular Beef Cuts

When it comes to cuts of beef, there’s a lot to choose from. Over here, we’re partial to grass-fed beef from New Zealand: it’s tastier, full-flavored, all natural, and better for you and the cows. Here are some popular grass-fed cuts, ranked from short to long cooking times.

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Grass-fed Ribeye Steak

An excellent candidate for pan frying or grilling, Ribeye steak is perhaps the most popular steak out there, and deservedly so. It’s highly marbled, beefy tasting, and thick-cut: a perfect combination for serious steak lovers. Ribeyes are cut from the same part of the cow as prime rib, except they are usually removed from the bone, leaving an oval hole, which is where the ribeye gets its name.

Grass-fed Beef Brisket

Popular among the Texas Barbeque and Jewish traditions, beef brisket is tough like a chuck roast, but if cooked correctly, produces meltingly tender and moist meat. Low and slow is the name of the game here whether it’s braised, smoked, or cooked sous vide. Keep in mind that a whole brisket (often called a “packer cut”) can also be divided into two other cuts: the point cut and the flat cut. The point cut is triangular and contains more fat and connective tissue that results in a juicier end product while the leaner flat cut is rectangular and similar to a flank steak is size and shape. Brisket can also be made into corned beef and then smoked and spiced to become Pastrami.

Grass-fed Prime Rib

Prime rib, often called the “King of Roasts” is a flavorful and juicy cut. It’s also one of the most expensive cuts you’ll find, often reserved for special occasions and holidays. Despite the name, prime rib is not necessarily Prime-grade beef, though you can find that too. Instead, “prime” refers to where the cut comes from on the cow. Because of its large size, plan to use your oven to roast it and consider using the reverse sear method to get perfectly cooked prime rib roast.

Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin

The most tender cut on the cow is the beef tenderloin. Since there are only two tenderloins per cow, compared to the dozens of steaks and roasts a single cow produces, tenderloins are often more expensive. However, their tender, almost buttery texture makes them perfect for dishes like beef wellington. When cooking, keep your instant read thermometer nearby since beef tenderloin’s low fat content leaves little leeway for overcooking.

Grass-fed Sirloin

Sirloin comes from along the cow’s back where the muscles are used less, resulting in tender and lean cuts that favor marinades and/or quick cooking methods. The Top Sirloin produces tasty steaks such as the Coulotte along with the top sirloin petite roast, which can be treated just like beef tenderloin. The Bottom Sirloin produces popular grilling cuts like Bavette and Tri-tip steaks. Despite its name, Sirloin Tip comes from the hindquarters and is perfect for kabobs and stir-frys.

Grass-fed Beef Short Ribs

Beef short ribs are becoming increasingly popular among home cooks. Since they are a tougher cut, short ribs are well suited for slow cooking methods such as braising or sous vide. However, they also can be cut very thinly (also called a Flanken cut), marinated, then grilled hot and fast, a technique made popular by Korean barbeque.

Grass-fed Filet Mignon

When beef tenderloin is cut into steaks, voila! You have Filet Mignon. It is often served with a sauce or wrapped in bacon to add extra fat and flavor to the very lean and tender beef tenderloin.

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