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Most Popular Grass-Fed Lamb Cuts

If you are new to cooking lamb, you may be wondering what the different cuts are and how to cook them. We recommend using lamb from New Zealand: it’s certified grass-fed, pasture raised and readily available. Note that New Zealand lamb is a different breed than American lamb and has somewhat smaller, more flavorful chops and roasts than larger, grain fed American lamb. Keep your instant-read thermometer handy to keep from overcooking this delicate and delicious meat. Here is a guide to help you navigate all the best cuts of New Zealand grass-fed lamb.

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Grass-fed Lamb Chops

New Zealand grass-fed and pasture raised lamb chops are naturally lean and tender, only needing a brief sear on the grill. Lamb chops are taken from either the rib or the loin. Rib chops can be cut single or double, so plan on 2-4 single chops per person. Lamb loin chops look like little t-bone steaks, so depending on thickness, plan on 1-2 loin chops per person. Grass-fed lamb chops are easy and elegant, as much at home at a weeknight meal as a dinner party. Lamb Chops with Chimichurri Sauce & Lemon Rosemary Pilaf and is our go-to lamb chop recipe for either occasion.

Grass-fed Leg of Lamb

One of our very favorite cuts of grass-fed lamb, leg of lamb, is as versatile as it is delicious. Leg of lamb can be roasted with the bone in or butterflied and rolled with herbs or braised in stews or curries. A workhorse in the kitchen, leg of lamb is a delight to cook as it can be prepared so many ways. The natural flavor of New Zealand lamb is perfectly complemented with herbs, one of the reasons we love this Herbed Butterflied Leg of Lamb recipe.

Grass-fed Rack of Lamb

Roasted rack of lamb is a total showstopper, perfect for a holiday meal. A single rack of lamb usually has 8 ribs, which feeds about 3-4 people, so you may want to spring for multiple racks if you are feeding a larger party. If you are looking for perfect results on this delicate roast, look no further than this recipe for Rack of Lamb.

Grass-fed Lamb Loin

Running along the back near the ribs, the lamb loin is the most tender of the lamb cuts, comparable to a beef tenderloin. New Zealand lamb is grass-fed and pasture raised, making it an excellent choice for delicate lamb loin chops or a small lamb loin roast. Grass-fed lamb loin is especially lean and tender, so keep an instant read thermometer handy to keep from overcooking it.

Grass-fed Ground Lamb

Ground lamb is also incredibly versatile and a lovely change of pace from ground beef. Try making a Greek-style burger: form your ground lamb into patties, season and grill, then top with tomatoes, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce. in many recipes and can be mixed in for all or part of the beef.

Grass-fed Lamb Shank

Lamb shank is a meaty cut from the lower lamb leg making it ideal for braising. Grass-fed lamb shanks are rich and flavorful and become fork tender after a long, slow cook. Try braising our Moroccan Lamb Shanks, which are shockingly easy and delicious.

Grass-fed Lamb Shoulder

Lamb shoulder comes from hard-working muscles on the front of the lamb which makes this cut extremely flavorful, but not as tender. However, braising lamb shoulder produces extra tender and tasty results. New Zealand grass-fed and pasture raised lamb is the perfect option for a fork tender and flavorful braised lamb shoulder.

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