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Highest Quality

The Best Taste Comes From Nature

Nature is the best producer of food, no question. And with nature’s best growing conditions here in New Zealand’s remote, unspoiled corner of the world, we can produce some of the world’s finest beef and lamb that tastes wonderfully, naturally pure and delicious. Just as nature intended.

The Grass-fed Difference

Our beef and lamb are humanely raised and grass-fed and finished, ensuring the healthiest, most flavorful and natural meat you can find. The taste of our grass-fed beef and lamb is unrivaled: it’s leaner, more finely textured and more naturally flavorful than conventional grain-fed meat.

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Better For You

Not only does New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb boast the flavors of nature with subtle notes of the green pastures the meat was raised on, but the unique nutritional benefits are second to none.

Grass-fed red meat has higher vitamin A and E content and a favorable fat profile. It is lower in total fat, more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) with a healthier omega 3: omega 6 ratio than grain-fed meat. Packed full of complete protein, bioavailable iron, zinc and vitamin B12, with bioactives creatine, carnitine and carnosine plus antioxidants, there’s no denying New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb is aptly named Natures’ Power Pack.

The Highest Standards

Backing up our incredible, edible product is something else unmatched: one of the most rigorous, comprehensive, and transparent nationwide Quality Assurance programs, independently audited under the strictest New Zealand government regulations for safety, sustainability and animal welfare.

Taste Pure Nature

When you see the Taste Pure Nature logo, you can know you are receiving the highest quality grass-fed and finished beef and lamb that nature has to offer. We take pride in offering the most delicious, pure and natural meat on the market, which is exactly what the Taste Pure Nature logo represents. Take home the most natural taste— something this delicious needs to be experienced to be believed.

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